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Bowl of posole at ¡Ándele! Restaurante in Las Cruces ~ a stew of red chile, diced pork, and hominy.

Your bowl of posole at ¡Ándele! Restaurante arrives at the table, the chile-infused broth threatening to breach the confines of the bowl. Like a tiny red ocean against the shore at high tide.

Look into the middle of that ocean and you’ll see right away why space is at a premium.

Generous portions of diced pork and hominy ~ or posole, the white corn kernels that give this soup of Mexican origin its name ~ are making small mountains in the middle.

Looked so good, I stopped only to free one of the fresh warm corn tortillas from the foil to take a whiff and a bite . . . there’s something beautiful about the scent of fresh tortillas, isn’t there?

Then I dug into the posole. 

And the verdict?

The Posole at ¡Ándele! Restaurante is Full of Flavor

Some places pile on the hominy, yet leave you wanting more pork, and make the broth too thin. Others skimp on herbs, both the variety and quantity. They concentrate on creating a “kick” and seem to forget about the flavor.

There’s no balance.

Yet not only was there enough hominy and pork in this posole to satisfy even me ~ an unashamed meat-lover since the high-chair ~  the broth is RICH. The mix of herbs and heat is full of flavor.

Oh, yes, it’s spicy. But just this side of not-toospicy. It was . . .

. . . kind of perfect.

Salt, pepper, at least three different kinds of salsa from the ¡Ándele! salsa bar were on the table, available for my use.

Chopped onion, radish, a sprig of cilantro, and lime wedges that accompany an order of posole were there, too.

But except for throwing in a bit of cilantro toward the end of my meal just because I like cilantro, I didn’t want to, didn’t need to add a thing.

Now I know why ¡Ándele!’s posole is one of the most beloved in Las Cruces. Try some yourself next time out.

Or check out one of the other delicious menu options at ¡Ándele! Restaurante.

What is your best memory of eating posole or YOUR family’s favorite soup?