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Inspiring Curious Christians to Explore the World

Do you want to live more adventurously and world-savvy?

Of course you do. I get how not being able to travel as much as you’d like frustrates you. You want to try new things but the learning curve seems steep. You don’t know where to start. 

That’s why I’ve created 15 Simple Ways to Add Adventure to Your Day, Today. This tip sheet reveals 15 practical ways  to infuse some element of international art and cuisine into your daily activities with ease. You’ll be able experience the adventure you yearn for on a regular basis, right where you are. 

You can live more adventurously and world-savvy. 15 Simple Ways will help you get started. So do click through to subscribe, and start today.

I create

resources to help people live adventurously and world-savvy with Scripture as their guide. In short, I’m a caterer for curious Christians.


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