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White Day After Christmas in Las Cruces panorama.

The recent white day after Christmas in Las Cruces was . . . a big surprise.

Not because we got snow, but because we got so much of it: up to a foot in some areas, WAY MORE than the average 1 inch for December.

Folks like us nearer to the mountains got nearly 2 feet! But, yes, okay . . . I did ask for this.

The snowfall makes for good fun outdoors with Las Cruceans taking to the streets for a rare chance to throw snowballs. And to take pictures of each other playing in the snow. In fact ~

 ~ a white day after Christmas is a major sightseeing and photo opportunity in Las Cruces.

The low-lying mountains surrounding the city make it an ideal location for taking sweet landscape shots year round.

And once covered with snow, the combination of blue sky above white ground seems surreal as far as you can see.

In the photo above, “as far as you can see” ranges from Picacho Peak ~ the volcanic mountain on the city’s west side ~ across to the Doña Ana Mountains.

The whole snowy panorama is a beautiful gift for the season.

Some might say the snow came a day late, but you and I know it came right on time.