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Tre Rosat's Kale, Spinach, & Blueberry Salad with shrimp with pine nuts is a distinctly New Mexican version of New American cuisine.

Salads are an art form. ~ Marcus Samuelsson

Closed for Business, Effective November 15, 2016

You’ve heard it said: Good things come in small packages. As cities go, Silver City in Southwest New Mexico counts as a small package.

This city with a population of only 10,000 is home to several restaurants that have caught and kept the attention of people who like to eat. Tre Rosat Café is one of these.

In Silver City with my hubby, L., on a Monday when many restaurants are closed, was too pleased to find Tre Rosat Café open. How cool, I thought, that the owners were looking out for us and other visitors who might otherwise wander the streets of Silver City hungry, in search of a good meal. 

Tre Rosat Café serves New American cuisine. 

What you’d call “imaginative and fresh.” These two words characterized the tone of our experience there from beginning to end.

The greeter smiled and took us to our table, gave us menus. Half a minute in, I knew I had a problem.

A good problem. You know the one . . .  where you haven’t even ordered yet and already you’re planning what you’re gonna have the NEXT time.

The appetizers sounded so . . . appetizing.

I considered having a few of them as my meal instead of an entrée but . . . where to begin? There were so many mouthwatering combos from which to choose:

Would it be the Southwest Egg Rolls stuffed with green chile, corn, and black beans? The Pork Belly Tacos made with corn tortillas and tequila-pickled jicama? Or the “bacon wrapped dates stuffed with almonds, fried and drizzled with a béchamel.”

Or all three?

(Green chile with corn ~ what’s not to love? The bacon-wrapped dates had me with “fried and drizzled.” And I’d never had “tequila-pickled anything” before . . . have you?)

At last, I decided on a cup of the White Chicken Chili, to be followed by the Kale, Spinach, & Blueberry Salad. Of the optional salad toppings available, I chose the shrimp.

Tre Rosat serves up pizza as well.

My husband, L., true to form, placed his order angst-free.

After scanning the pizza choices for something with sausage and not finding it, he finally chose a Margherita with marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil. Then, asked if they could add sausage, the same way he orders his favorite pizza in Las Cruces.

The answer came when the server returned with a pizza pie covered with chunks of sausage. That’s how L. got to enjoy his pizza just the way he likes it.

And I got a fresh reminder of the truth in the axiom: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Margherita PIzza with sausage @ Tre Rosat Cafe, a Silver City restaurant serving New American cuisine.

“If you have not sausage, it’s because you ask not.” Tearing into a Margherita pizza at Tre Rosat Café.

My White Chicken Chili, now one of my all-time favorite chilis, arrived. So creamy, with just the right amount of kick.

White Chicken Chili @ Tre Rosat Cafe, a Silver City, NM restaurant featuring New American cuisine.

Crispy-topped White Chicken Chili @ Tre Rosat Café.

And what about that salad with gimongous shrimp on top?

The salad was a beautiful blend of greens and navy blue from the plump blueberries. This was the end of summer and all the ingredients, locally-sourced, were super fresh as they could be only at that time of year.

Kale, Spinach, & Blueberry Salad @ Tre Rosat Cafe, a fresh example of New American cuisine.

Kale, Spinach, & Blueberry Salad (with gimongous shrimp) @ Tre Rosat Café.

Gourmet salad choices change with the seasons at Tre Rosat Café. On the menu now, as I’m writing this, is a “Shaved Brussel Sprout, Cabbage, & Cranberry Salad.” With toasted walnuts, dried cranberries, and with cranberry vinaigrette in lieu of the pine nuts, blueberries, and blueberry vinaigrette that worked so well with my salad.

Imaginative, fresh, and satisfying. That’s a dining experience at Tre Rosat Café.

Will we be back?

Oh, yes.

Seems I can’t get the words fried and drizzled” out of my head.

Going back soon to order some awesome appetizers and I am SO STOKED . . . . !

In the meantime . . .

. . .  if you’re a fan of Tre Rosat Café or have ever had anything pickled with tequila and recommend it highly, by all means, share what you know with a comment below.

Bar counter, at Tre Rosat Cafe ~ a Silver City, NM restaurant serving specializing in New American cuisine.

Tre Rosat Café, 304 North Bullard, Silver City, NM ~ 575.654.4919 ~ Open Thurs-Mon for lunch and dinner.