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Hey there, Food Adventurer Friend ~

Would it surprise you to learn tacos are among the top favorite foods of American families? And that “Taco Tuesday” in plain speak and hashtag form, #tacotuesday, is a serious (for reals) thing?

Some hard-core taco aficionados, I imagine, would raise both hands — and feet — to celebrate “Taco Thursday” more often, too. 

If you’re in that group, you’ll be thrilled to learn this Wednesday is International Taco Day🌮. So be on the look out for specials that eateries in your area may be offering. 

And, by all means, feel free to treat yourself to tacos every single day this week. 

These tasty tacos are from Taquería Las Catrinas. Looking forward to visiting another local taquería this week and telling you about the experience. 

After all, International Taco Day comes only once a year.

Now, off to today’s ~


1. Interesting on Instagram: These ice cream color images that illustrate the love story between an American ex-pat and her new home in Italy🇮🇹.

2. If you ever thought that the ham and pineapple-topped🍍concoction known as “Hawaiian Pizza” originated in Hawaii, you’d be wrong. And maybe that’s not the only thing that would surprise you…

3. Hooray for our southern hemisphere (& international shipping) that make it possible for us to taste the tropics even as the falling temperatures feel like anything but.

Have you ever tasted the fruit of a prickly pear? You can find them growing on the paddle, or nopal cactus, in desert areas — including the Chihuahuan Desert where I live. So how interesting that this cactus pear is also one of the 50 tropical fruits this article celebrates. (Image, Prickly Pear on Rustic Table, is by Shino Iwamura.)

4. Madrid has the Prado, Paris has the Louvre, and now Larnaca, a city in Cyprus, also has a charming museum worth its salt. And pepper😊.

5. A quote: “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” — Albert Einstein

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