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Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse teppanyaki grill fare; find it in Hobbs, New Mexico.

No one has ever accused Hobbs, New Mexico of being a foodie paradise.

What the city seems to have in great quantity and variety are oil derricks, not restaurants. Yet, you can still have a fun time and get a good meal at Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse Sushi Bar.

Now if you’re anything like me, you like sushi as much as (or more than) anyone. But when dining with a group, Tokyo’s teppanyaki grill is the way to go.

The grill chef arranges his tasty props and the show begins: flashing flames, flying food, fascinating flavors mixed hot, then served to you piece by savory piece until ~ like THAT! ~ it’s all gone.

I was at Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse with family and all six of us walked out of there smiling and satisfied. So consider stopping by your next time near Hobbs.