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Thank you and Welcome!

Thank you!

I am glad you’re here and want to welcome you as a new subscriber with a big virtual hug 🤗.

Oh, yes, I like you.

Because you, too, have a heart for the kind of adventure that goes far beyond a single state or country.

And I’m excited for you as well.

Because wherever you are in your journey as one who wants to explore the world, create memorable experiences, and eat crazy good, this is going to help you on your way.

Here’s what can you expect from me:

I’ll be in touch at the start of each week with Five Bites. It’s a blissfully short and useful email with tips, inspiration, and resources I’ve created for you or gleaned from others.

You’ll be the first to know about new resources as I create them.

And every once in a while I’ll send you emails about resources others have prepared, but only after I’ve reviewed them myself, and determined they’re legit AND can benefit you.

Because we only want the good stuff here.

Thank you for subscribing and Welcome!

Here’s what you must do now to get started…

~ Whitelist and prioritize all emails from Melodie K. to make sure you don’t miss any of the good stuff coming your way.

This is important!

You see, if my emails aren’t getting through to you, you won’t receive important updates and you’ll miss out on enjoying the full benefits of being a subscriber. And you’ll cry better tears.

Hmmm, seems all this talk about “good food” and “good stuff” is making me hungry. You?

Now as it happens, the one time of year you won’t be getting your Five Bites is right now: these last few weeks of December (when I take an annual hiatus). So until then, luv, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I look forward to helping you romance the world with more good food, good times, and travels in 2021!

Dive deep,

P.S. The “K” is short for Kenniebrew. My last name seems to throw people off. Either they spell or pronounce it in weird ways. And sometimes they call me “Mrs. Brew” (the wife of Mr. Kenny Brew, of course.) So, yes–I’ve decided the initial “K” is good enough for everyday, non-official purposes.