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Hey there, Food Adventurer Friend,

Okay, I’m not from anywhere near Beirut and I’m guessing you’re not either. But half-way around the world over 6 million Lebanese have been celebrating their Independence Day.

And I think we should join them because, well, any excuse to eat kanafeh. Have you ever had any?

On this dessert plate, going clockwise from the top right, are baklava, fresh fruit, and pistachio-topped kanafeh.

It’s a sweet pastry popular in Lebanon and throughout the Middle East. I like it because it’s not too sweet nor like anything else I’ve tasted and you may like it, too.

Look for it at your local Middle Eastern or Mediterranean food market or the nearest Trader Joe’s. (You may find it as kanafeh, knafeh, and maybe even kunefe — whatever, it’s all good.)

Speaking of Trader Joe’s, that store with its goodies are the focus of the first of today’s


1. Right now as you’re preparing to start your annual marathon of kitchen cookin’ and bakin’ for the Thanksgiving meal, it feels good to know most of the new Trader Joe’s products are ready-to-eat including a maple 🍁butter that looks mighty good.

2. Until you can start traveling again to all the places, consider a tasting tour via an international food swap. You send someone your Cheetos and Beef Jerky and they’ll send you the world🌎.

3. Looking back to this list of things I felt most thankful for some years ago brings a smile to my lips even now. What would you put on your list, were you to write one today?

4. And looking ahead to your relaxing with a movie Thanksgiving Day evening and the day after, may I propose two romantic comedies:Christmas by Starlight and Five Star Christmas🎄? Much of the action takes place in a café☕️ and a bed🛏 & breakfast🍳, respectively, two of our very favorite places to be.

5. A quote: “I feel like we should all have on our front door: ‘Welcome to our home where things aren’t perfect. We trust you can relate.’” — Myquillyn Smith, from The Joycast

Oh, yes, we can relate.

Seriously, if you have ever had anxiety about letting others into your home, this podcast episode is for you. You’ll learn, among other things, why you so want to say, “Yes” the next time a friend asks to use your bathroom🙂.

Happy Thanksgiving❗️

Dive deep,


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