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Monument Valley (straddling Arizona and Utah) is one sight you won't forget from your Southwest travel adventure; photo by Moritz Zimmermann, CC by SA 3.0.

Collect moments, not things. ~ Aarti Khurana

Could be I’m feeling a tad more enthusiastic about traveling than usual since I’ve just come back from nearly a month in Italy.

(And that was a great trip, too ~I’ll share about it in a post to come.)

But, the fact is April was one terrific month for traveling and travel-related resources on the web.

So here are a few to encourage AND equip you to explore New Mexico and its neighboring states.

Southwest Travel Links You’ll Like

Monument Valley! (JD’s Scenic Southwestern Travel Destination)

Ever daydreamed about being in the movies?

A trip to Monument Valley in the Navajo Nation can at least get you ONTO a movie set. Those towering buttes that straddle the states of Arizona and Utah are not only wonders of nature but have starred as backdrops in several Hollywood movies.

So come take in the beauty while reliving memorable movie moments like Chris O’Donnell’s movie dad falling to his (too tragic!) death in Vertical Limit and Tom Hanks/Forrest Gump running cross-country with what’s got to be one of the shaggiest beards in film history.

The History of BBQ and Becoming a Backyard Pitmaster (The Art of Manliness)

This podcast discussion about all things barbecue will make your mouth water.

Learn what constitutes “true barbecue” and the basic techniques and tools used by experienced pit masters to make great tasting barbecue. Tools and techniques you can use in your own backyard.

And oh, yes, the guest mentions a San Antonio, Texas barbecue joint you do not want to miss your next time through the Lone Star State.

Things to Tell Yourself When Social Media Makes You Envious (Lysa Terkeurst)

Not a travel or foodie article per se, yet if you travel to connect with other people as much as to see new things, you’ll relate.

My favorite part is the writer’s admonition to “spend more time touching lives than you do touching screens.” Doing so, I’m sure, will help us have better experiences and relationships both abroad and at home.

Forghedaboudit – Deming, New Mexico (Gil’s Thrilling (and Filling) Blog)

If you’re not already planning a trip to Deming, check out this review of the city’s award-winning Italian restaurant and you soon will be.

Thanks to two former New Yorkers who came west, no one in Southern New Mexico has to drive (too) far for the “best traditional pizza” in the Southwest.

I’m telling you, both the photos and descriptions of various dishes on the menu had even this Brooklyn-born gal reminiscing about the Italian food of her youth.

Take a look for yourself at that pepperoni and sausage pie and you’ll see what I mean.

It’s a beautiful thing.

11 New Travel Memoirs to Inspire Your Adventures in 2017 (Bustle)

So much world, so little time.

Let one of these recently published travel memoirs help you decide where your next great travel adventure will take place. From Louisiana to Paris to Uganda and back, you’re sure to find an idea or two worth packing a suitcase for.

Buy Your $10 Lifetime National Park Senior Pass Before It’s Too Late (Santa Fe Travelers)

The cost of National Park Senior Pass is heading to $80 by year’s end but is $10 now. So if you’re 62 or over and don’t have one yet, best to get while the getting’s good.

This is an especially good deal in the Southwest where, with over 60 national parks available, you have beaucoup opportunities to put your pass to good use.

And Carlsbad Caverns, in Southern New Mexico’s Eddy County, is an amazing place to start.


Monument Valley by Moritz Zimmermann, CC by SA 3.0.