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Cowboys at work are a sight you may come across in your Southwest travel; photo, Wyoming Cowboy-Silhouette, is by Damian Zech (modified).

Dream. Discover. Ride. ~ Sheridan

The Southwest festival season that began over Labor Day Weekend in Southern New Mexico with the Hatch Chile Festival is far from over. Coming up are more outdoor parties featuring cowboys, chuckwagon cookoffs, and yes, of course, plenty of New Mexico chile.

This month’s articles aim to help you join in the celebration, whether at one of those parties or in the sweet lonesome of your home.



Hatch Chile Chocolate Chip Cookies  (Homesick Texan)

America’s favorite cookie made with roasted green chile. Sounds promising, right? This recipe for a chewy chocolate chip cookie allows for Anaheim or Hatch chile. However, you want to make it with Hatch chile if possible because, as I shared in this post, its taste is like no other. Read on to the next link for information on where to buy it.

For another crowd-pleasing sweet treat made with chile peppers, click here.

Green Chile Quiche Piñon Crust (MJ’s Kitchen)

France meets New Mexico in this recipe for quiche, another classic dish. The addition of piñon nuts (from the New Mexico state tree) and green chile (the New Mexico state veggie) makes this version uniquely yummy. And, oh yeah, there’s bacon in here, too. 

We’re having a gathering in our home early next week and I am so making this!

Do click on the link at the end of MJ’s article for a list of New Mexico chile suppliers.

These include The Hatch Chile Store. This Las Cruces store is still shipping fresh chile and will continue to do so throughout green chile season until there is no more. The Hatch Chile Store ships roasted chile year-round.


Cowboy Crossings Show Preview  (Southwest Art)

Western art and history fan, this one is for you.

This fall, the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City will be hosting a special exhibit, Cowboy Crossings. Painting, drawing, sculpture and handmade cowboy gear of the finest quality including saddles, bits, and reins will be on sale.

Speaking of cowboys, it’s not too late to get tickets for the 27th Annual Lincoln County Cowboy Symposium. Many consider the symposium the nation’s top Western event, and with so much for us to see ~ trick riding and shooting, Mescalero Apache war dancing, cooking demonstrations and contests and more ~ easy to understand why. Daily chuckwagon meals are part of this party so you KNOW L. and I will be there.

See YOU at the party?



Featured image, Wyoming Cowboy-Silhouette, by Damian Zech (modified).