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Southern New Mexico Landscape by New Age Photography

Mountain skies, sunsets, and salsa.

Any attempt to describe what makes the Southern New Mexico experience special would have to include these three elements.

Now salsa ~ the spicy stuff itself as well as all the good things you eat with it ~ we’ve pretty much got that covered in many of the posts you find here.

Southern New Mexico food that tastes terrific ~ it’s what we do.

Yet our mountain skies and sunsets are just as iconic. And some local photographers, better than anyone, know how to capture this drama in their images.

That’s where photographer Xander Century comes in. His photo features the New Mexican mountain sky about an hour before sunset. Xander is crazy about his Southern New Mexico hometown and, in this short interview, tells us why.

LOCAL TRAVEL TIPS, as told by Southern New Mexico Landscape Photographer, Xander Century

Where in New Mexico do you live and how long have you lived there?  I was born and raised in Las Cruces, NM, and been here for about 25 years. I love this place because of the Organ Mountains and all the hidden treasures of our landscapes.
What are your favorite places to eat most people don’t seem to know about?  Day’s Burgers downtown and Sparky’s in Hatch, New Mexico, which isn’t too far from Las Cruces.

Imagine someone is visiting NM for the first time and may never come again. What is the one thing they must do or see while they’re here?  Enjoy the beautiful sunsets and hike the mountains which are amazing in this city. There is so much hidden in the mountains that surround the city of Las Cruces ~ hidden caves, valleys, and paths.

Want another Southern New Mexico landscape? Check out this view from the Pine Tree Trail at Aguirre Spring.