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7 Simple Ways to Add Adventure to Your Day, Today [Experiencer Traveler]

Flying on a hot air balloon is one of the simple ways Experiencers can have beaucoup fun - photo is by Aaron Burden on Unsplash - 7 Simple Ways to Add Adventure-Experiencer Traveler

If your core traveler’s style is “Experiencer” follow the simple steps listed below to start living more adventurously and world-savvy today. You’ll also be on your way to honing your gift – that is, your traveler’s superpower – to a degree that blesses others. Then, they, too, will gain the confidence to fulfill their God-given potential.

Not sure yet what kind of traveler you are and have no idea what your superpower as a traveler is? Take the quiz!


  • Subscribe to a snack box service like this one and get treats from a surprise country each month.
  • Take a walk. Notice all the plants, animals, birds, insects, and people you pass. Think about the endless variety in God’s world.
  • Meditate on 1 Peter 4:10.
  • Go to the market and buy a vegetable or fruit you’ve never eaten before. Search for good ways to serve it. EnJoy!
  • Subscribe to a podcast that teaches a foreign language spoken in a country you’ve been wanting to visit.
  • Pray, with specificity, for a different nation and its people each day with Operation World.