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7 Simple Ways to Add Adventure to Your Day, Today [Engagist Traveler]

A good coffee chat is one of many simple ways an engagist traveler can add adventure to the day. Photo by Frank Leuderalbert on Unsplash - 7 Simple Ways to Add Adventure, Engagist Traveler

If your core traveler’s style is “Engagist,” follow the next steps listed below. Then you’ll be on your way to living more adventurously and world-savvy.

Taking these simple actions will help you hone your gift – that is, your “traveler’s superpower.” And by following the road where they lead, you’ll begin to experience international adventure on a regular basis.

Not sure yet what kind of traveler you are and have no idea what your superpower as a traveler is? Take the quiz!

7 Simple Ways to Add Adventure to Your Day, Today

  • Join a local meetup group for foreign language fans or travel buffs.

  • Subscribe to a podcast that either teaches a language you’ve been wanting to learn OR features conversations conducted in a language you want to understand better.

  • Meditate on 1 Peter 4:10.

  • Sign up for your church’s next international missions trip.

  • Learn the words of a favorite worship song in another language. (Maybe the same language that will come in handy on that missions trip.)

  • Pray, with specificity and consistency, for a different country each day by subscribing to Operation World.

  • Read this article about Japan travel that may be of interest to you as an Engagist. Japanese festivals offer lots of opportunities for you to engage with local folks one-to-one.