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Find this piece of Silver City art on Broadway across the street from the museum.

The bright colors of the ceramic tile called to me as I walked away from the Silver City Museum. It was right across the street on the other side of Broadway.

Close up, I could see it was a collage of names and whimsical designs. It’s a pretty piece, I thought. Then I wondered:

Do the various names commemorated on these tiles belong to people who once lived in the neighborhood? Or to their children?

Well, yes and yes ~ sorta.

Turns out local kiddos created this colorful piece as part of a community art project. And the names are their own ~ their artist signatures.

Weekend Art-Hop Idea for Fans of Silver City Art

The plaque is one of the several youth-authored artworks you’ll find around Silver City in the oddest places: a sidewalk here, a stairway there.

And I mean, SEVERAL.

So if you like Silver City and street art, in particular, consider planning a weekend around locating them all. Take generous time-outs to enjoy the local eateries and you’ll have a terrific getaway.

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What’s your idea of a fun art-related activity for the weekend?