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Original Range Burger with sweet potato fries; find it at Range Cafe, Bernalillo, New Mexico.

Have you heard about the Original Range Burger at Range Cafe in Bernalillo, NM?

It’s a meal.

Picture a HALF-POUND of pasture-raised beef cooked just the way you like it.

Or just look at the picture of my own plate, up above.

I managed to get both hands and then my mouth around this thing ~ just.

And with that gooey crown of ham, white cheddar, and green chile, it tasted, altogether, like happiness.

The sweet potato fries, too, were . . . well, sweet. Crispy outside, soft inside.

If you ever liked burgers, you’ll luv this one. But even if burgers are not your favorite thing, don’t count Range Cafe out.

Judging from the number of people awaiting table seating when we walked in and the variety of dishes on the daily specials menu, the Range Cafe does a lot more things well than green chile cheeseburgers.

Just as this series of Range Cafe reviews first led me to believe.

So drop by the next time you’re in the neighborhood. And when they ask if you’re okay with a counter seat at the bar, say, “Yes, please!”