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Quiche Lorraine at the Shed in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

“Very clever dinner.  Appetizing food fit neatly into an interesting round pie.”
“It’s a quiche.”
“How do you spell it?”
“You don’t spell it, son, you eat it!” ~ from the movie, Sixteen Candles

Smoked bacon and cheese drowning in a luxuriously thick egg custard.

Quiche Lorraine is what I’ve been thinking about on and off ~ mostly on ~ every day for the past two weeks. That’s when I saw it listed on the specials menu at The Shed in Las Cruces. But I’d seen it too late, having already ordered the delicious breakfast enchiladas.

Could I wait for the next time it might show up on the specials board?

Okay, I guess I could, but I didn’t want to, so ~ I special-ordered an entire pie to take out. And today was pickup day!

I’ve loved other quiches before ~ broccoli and cheese, spinach and bacon. But ever since I wrapped my mouth around the quiche Lorraine of  Maison Haimet and Francart, two fine Parisian pastry shops, this is the quiche I routinely ask around for.

The quiche Lorraine at the Shed is a simple, country twist on the classic.

The cheese is Swiss, rather than the fuller-bodied Gruyère or Comté. But even though it didn’t make me dizzy with joy like the Francart quiche did, I thought it very tasty. And the crust is excellent, flaky to the max. The chef was liberal with the butter on this one.

I’ll be having this for breakfast over the next few days. Maybe a bit for dinner, too . . . !

This is hearty stuff, great food for folks with REAL appetites, so I ran to tell you about it.  How cool to have found it here, in my town.


  1. Just this one thing:  Make breakfast at The Shed a priority for your trip to Las Cruces, you’ll be glad you did!

In the meantime, 

What classic pastries, savory or sweet, do you regularly seek out?