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Rack of peppery pork ribs, Adobe Deli, Deming, NM.

Plenty of peppery pork ribs with plenty of drama.

That’s what you get with the pork rack ribs at Adobe Deli in Deming, New Mexico. Because when you’re dining by candlelight and the server presents you ~ yes, “presents” you ~ with this monument to piggy perfection, what comes out of your mouth is “Wow!”

(Or something similar, wow is just what I said.) 

The ribs arrive standing up high on a platter like a ship’s mast, held up by a metal skewer.

These peppery pork ribs served at the Adobe Deli in Deming, NM are savory not sweet and come with your choice of sides.

It takes the server only a few moves to free the ribs from the skewer and you can get down to business.

Enough Peppery Pork Ribs for Two

Just remember ~ these are salt and peppery pork ribs, savory stuff, and enough for two. (Or to carry home in a doggie bag as I ended up doing.)

So if you prefer your barbecue sweet and tangy, the ribs may not be the best way to go.

In that case, may I suggest you order Adobe Deli’s rib-eye steak instead?

My L. did.

Adobe Deli's ribeye steak with sides, like its peppery pork ribs, is a dish guaranteed to satisfy your appetite.

And the portion of his doggie bag I dove into once we got home tells me you won’t be disappointed.

(Now here’s another guaranteed to satisfy dish at the Adobe Deli.)

How do you prefer your ribs ~ savory or sweet and tangy?