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Strawberry Napoleon from Maison Haimet in Paris.

When I got to France, I realized I didn’t know very much about food at all. I’d never had a real cake. ~ Julia Child


Let’s talk about real cakes and the places that sell them.

One of the best bakeries in the 10th arrondissement is Maison Haimet. Can’t say the best because I haven’t yet visited them all, but I’m working on it.

EVERYTHING I’ve bought there has been délicieux. I showed up at Maison Haimet every other day this last trip (and thought they were going to have to roll me onto the plane.)


Maison Haimet makes a delicious quiche, including my favorite, the Quiche Lorraine. It has a gorgeous flaky crust and all of the ingredients – eggs, bacon, cheese – are fresh and flavorful.

Quiche Lorraine from Maison Haimet in Paris.


Garden salad with quiche Lorraine from Maison Haimet in Paris.

Paired with salad for a light dinner. Now, let me tell you about the cake they call the (or Strawberry Thousand-Sheets)

Now, let me tell you about the cake they call the Mille-Feuille Fraises (or Strawberry Thousand-Sheets)

Better known as a Strawberry Napoleon, this confection is very light. The pastry cream is . . . delicate and mildly sweet.

You know how a pastry lives or dies by the quality of its crust?

Well, Haimet’s mille-feuille fraises lives, breathes, jumps up and down and does somersaults.

You’ll want to take your time with this one.

Strawberry Napoleon Under Deconstruction, from Maison Haimet in Paris.

Like I said, everything was délicieux.

That’s why from opening time at six am until its 8 pm closing there is always someone in here buying. And toward the midday break and closing times when folks come seeking bread and pastries for the evening meal, prepare to wait in a line extending onto the sidewalk.

Like the one I’m joining now.

Exterior, Maison Haimet in Paris.Maison Haimet, 4 rue des Écluses Saint-Martin, nr. rue de la Grange aux Belles ~ Metro: Colonel Fabien

What boss bakeries have YOU come across on your latest travels?