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Half-sausage, half-pepperoni NYP Slice House pizza.

A half-sausage, half-pepperoni NYP Slice House pizza.

That’s how we keep the peace in our marriage whenever we’re in the mood for real deal pizza like the kind we grew up on in New York City.

And after 4 years of focused pizza-tasting in Las Cruces,  I’m willing to go on the record as declaring this as our favorite “New York-style” pizza in the city. Very few places tempt me to say, “Ah, just this once,” to my ban on wheat and this is one of them.

The Experience

Just like in NYC, you can walk away with a single slice or two, no requirement to buy an entire pie ~ one of the few “by the slice” pizzerias in these parts.

But the atmosphere at the main NYP Slice House location on Lohman Avenue is jazzy and down-home. So it’s fun to eat in, seated on stools at one of the counter-height tables that dot the room. Hubby and I take in the vintage photos of New York City lining the walls while biting off chunks of our crusty slices, talking and laughing between bites.

NYP Slice House has two other locations in Las Cruces. One is near the New Mexico State University campus on the southern side of town. And the third and latest is on the East Mesa, closer to the Organs ~ and home!

Already I feel better about our relationship growing stronger just knowing it’s there. 

As long as they make the pie half-pepperoni, NYP Slice House pizza is some of the best marriage therapy I know.

Looking for more delectable pizza ~ including Neapolitan thin-crust ~ in Las Cruces and El Paso? Join the Crazy Good Pizza Tour!

In the meantime . . .

What’s your favorite pizza combination and where do you get it?