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A great New Mexico travel experience means fresh baked bread; horneando by German Mosquera.Adventure is a path. ~ Mark Jenkins

I’m just winding up a beautiful weekend where wifi was nowhere to be found no matter what path I took. Thank goodness, there is no expiration date on the attractions featured in this month’s short and sweet selection of  …


The first two articles take you to adventure in Northern and Central New Mexico. Then we wind up with helpful advice you can use ANYWHERE you travel.

Visit Abiquiu, New Mexico: the Gateway to Georgia O’Keeffe Country (Santa Fe Travelers)

As you may know, Abiquiu is the Northern New Mexico village where renowned painter Georgia O’Keeffe lived for several decades. The village sights include historic ruins, the artist’s Abiquiu home, and even rock formations depicted in her work.

Add in art shops, a place to grab a good green chile cheeseburger, and a cool coffee house, you’ll have more than enough to engage you throughout your visit to Georgia O’Keeffe Country.

Golden Crown Panaderia (Gil’s Thrilling (and Filling) Blog)

They call it “Albuquerque’s best place to eat” and the “very best bakery in Albuquerque.”

With praise like this, Golden Crown Panaderia could be one of the best bakeries this side of Paris. Popular offerings include biscochitos, fruitfilled empanadas of various flavors, and pizza.

And get this . . . the crust on your pizza might be of roasted blue corn, (a good choice when avoiding gluten), whole wheat, or green chile. Mmm mmm mmm.

Maybe I’ll take my “I-can’t-eat-a-meal-without-bread” spouse there for his birthday. (Do you have one of those at home, too? Or are YOU the “bread-obsessed” one in your family?) 

The Spiritual Discipline of Traveling Light (Emily P Freeman)

We know traveling light saves us money (what with crazy high checked baggage fees). Traveling light also saves us from backaches.

But did you know about the cool mental and social PERKS? About how carrying fewer things frees you up to experience more, travel further, and worry less about the stuff you do decide to bring?

Read this and see what you think . . . could you possibly, for your next trip, make do ONLY with what you need


Horneando by German Mosquera.