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Breakfast Enchiladas, her "research topic" for The Shed in Las Cruces review.

All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast. ~ John Gunther

Since my restaurant reviews are usually favorable, maybe you’ve thought I’ve never met a meal I didn’t like.

Truth is I’ve eaten a number of remarkably bland or just plain awful dishes since I began blogging – even here in Las Cruces.

It’s just that I’m motivated to write only about the food I like.

Yeah, I realize some people want to hear not only about the good but the bad and supremely ugly in local cuisine. They’re looking for suggestions on the places to avoid as well as where to go and I may offer that kind of advice some day.

But not today ~

~ because my subject is The Shed, the Las Cruces eatery popularly known for serving the best breakfast in town. The restaurant itself has a sign posted just inside the entrance declaring its own awesomeness.

Does The Shed in Las Cruces really serve the best breakfast in town?

Since I keep going back to try something new on the menu only to leave happy again, I’m inclined to agree. After all,

It’s not bragging if it’s true.

My “Breakfast Enchiladas” plate – that’s it in the featured photo above – came with two blue corn tortillas stuffed (and I do mean “stuffed”) with beef brisket, covered with cheese and green chile sauce. The seasoning was through and through each enchilada and the pinto beans that came with. I ate them all up.

Lawrence ordered his usual, the “Plain Old Breakfast.” This plate, as the name suggests, features a combination found in diners across the country: two eggs (any style) with a serving of meat – ham, bacon, turkey, or pork. The New Mexican twist on this breakfast dish, as with mine, frees you to choose pinto beans or a tortilla in place of the usual suspects, home fries and toast.

Plain Old Breakfast, his "research topic" for The Shed in Las Cruces review.

The servers are friendly and on point. I liked the classic jazz playing in the background – think Dave Brubeck – and looking at the fiesta-colored decor . . .The SHED - interior, for The Shed in Las Cruces review.

. . . when I wasn’t looking at my happy husband. He’s big on breakfast, too.Happy hubby posing for The Shed in Las Cruces review.

The Shed serves breakfast all day, though it’s a dirty shame the “day” ends at 2PM.

There is a lunch menu, too. 

Exterior photo, for the Shed in Las Cruces review.The SHED, 810 S. Valley Dr., Las Cruces, NM 88005; 575-525-2636; Wed – Sun, 7:30a – 2p

What’s your favorite breakfast place?