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Tortilla chip with chilli salsa by meteo021; a great tasting salsa popular in New Mexico & beyond.

Oh, say it isn’t so!

But oh, yes, it is.

The Curious Kumquat has closed. Chef Rob Connoley served the last meal at the Silver City restaurant Saturday, June 4th. Then he left on tour to promote his new cookbook, Acorns and Cattails .)

You may remember Chef Connoley is known for using ingredients freshly foraged from the forest. (Try saying THAT three times fast!)

Anyway, the new book is all about teaching us to work the same magic in our kitchens.

New Mexico & Beyond Links You’ll Like

Below is a mix of favorite articles discovered over the past few weeks. They’ve given me ideas on places to see and new dishes to sample. One even encouraged me to MAKE a new dish. I’m hoping they’ll try something new, too . . . so enJoy!

A Taste of the Caribbean (Gil’s Thrilling (And Filling) Blog) Is genuine Jamaican-style jerk chicken ~ AKA DELI-CIOUS” ~ truly being served up in Albuquerque? This review gives us that hope.

Toasted Chile de Arbol Salsa (Sweet Life) Easy-to-execute recipe for making delicious salsa for those who like it HOT.

Central New Mexico: Truth or Consequences and Elephant Butte (The Southwest Armchair Traveler) Learn what’s fun and inexpensive to do in these cities located just off the Interstate 25.

22 Things Every Woman Should Have in the House (The Art of Simple) How can you live simply, each day, right where you are so that you never again think of travel as a chance to escape your life but as an opportunity to explore more of it instead? Some or all of these 22 tips will help you on your way ~ especially if you like chocolate!


Tortilla Chip with Chilli Salsa by meteo021.