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Mizpah Hotel breakfast of perfect bacon, eggs, and well-seasoned home fries in Tonopah, NV.

This breakfast in Tonopah, Nevada was the delicious and surprising light at the end of a 250-mile road. (250 miles is the distance we drove to get there on the I-95  from Hoover Dam.)

I found it at the Pittman Cafe at the Mizpah Hotel where we had lodged the night before.

The Mizpah oozed elegance at its opening in 1908. That’s when the city of Tonopah was a silver boomtown attracting fortune-seekers from all over, including Wyatt Earp of Tombstone fame.

The Mizpah is still elegant.

Decoration at the recently renovated hotel is gorgeous. Our guest room was small, but since few things look prettier than a clean hotel room after a long drive . . . we didn’t much care. Cushioned between plush sheets and a sparkling white duvet, we both slept like rocks.

Seeing how old-fashioned sleek the Pittman Cafe looked when we arrived for breakfast the next morning, I was sure the food would taste as delicious as the room was elegant.

Turned out the food was delicious. But here is why my Mizpah Hotel breakfast was surprising, too.

We both had chosen “The Pittman,” a breakfast with bacon, eggs, and potatoes made to order, and toast. All were my basic favorites and I was hungry.

But, when the plates arrived at the table, my first thought was “there’s way too much white space on this plate.”

Yes, I’m one of those people who eats “like a queen” for breakfast.

And remember . . . I was HUNGRY!

That’s when I realized  . . .

A Mizpah Hotel breakfast is a lot like the room ~ of high quality with beautiful attention to detail and compact in size.

They don’t put a whole lot on the plate, but what there is, is yum.

Good thing for me and my appetite, my husband doesn’t care for potatoes with breakfast so I got to eat his portion of home fries; gave him my side of toast. (The photo above is my plate BEFORE adding the extra potatoes.)

Oh, how we who like home fries, get happy when the cook is not afraid to play with what’s in the kitchen adding onions, and garlic, and salt, and pepper, and  . . . . !   

The bacon was perfect, too. The scrambled eggs arrive fluffy for you to season to taste. (So if the amount of pepper looks a little overdone, know that it’s all my doing.)

And here is a special recommendation

  • Enjoy an “extended breakfast” by taking advantage of the morning coffee served on each guest floor. It’s a PRIMO medium roast. I downed two cups before going down to breakfast.

A Mizpah Hotel breakfast means good food in attractive surroundings. And good, strong coffee.

What else do you need? (Besides an extra $10 if you sit down with more than a moderate appetite?)

But, never mind ~ pay the man and eat. Breakfast at the Mizpah Hotel in Tonopah, NV is worth it.

What stylish eatery have you come across in your travels?