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Mi Abuelita's Biscochos, homemade biscochitos in Las Cruces, on dish, close-up.


These anise and cinnamon-flavored cookies are the ones New Mexicans love most. You eat them on special occasions AND with your morning coffee, after lunch, and after dinner, too.

Any excuse will do because they taste GOOD.

Good enough to be New Mexico’s state cookie since 1989, the first state cookie EVER.

Yep, New Mexico is the first of the 50 states to declare an official state cookie.  And the biscochito, the diminutive or affectionate way of expressing biscocho, is it. New Mexicans use both terms to describe their beloved cookie.

Freshly ground anise seeds and cinnamon are what makes biscochos taste and smell so special. And the buttery little secret is there is no butter at all. What makes biscochos flaky-crisp outside yet melt-in-your-mouth soft inside is lard.

Mi Abuelita’s Biscochos are FEATHERLIGHT, with a slightly sweet taste, sweeter aroma. Just a hint of anise. The cinnamon-sugar topping softens the anise so much so, that even I like these cookies. And I don’t usually care for the taste of anise at all.

Amber Alvillar, the brand’s originator, has been selling these homemade wonders for years now. She uses a family recipe originated by her grandmother, whose face is pictured on every bag. (She was such a cutie!)

Mi Abuelita's Biscochos in Las Cruces, with Amber's grandmother on the label.

Where to Buy Mi Abuelita’s Biscochos in Las Cruces

Amber, creator & owner of Mi Abuelita's Biscochos, homemade biscochitos in Las Cruces.

Mi Abuelita’s Biscochos and baker, Amber Alvillar at the Las Cruces Farmers & Crafts Market.

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In the meantime,

Have you ever eaten biscochitos? If so, what was the occasion?