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Oh, yes, you can find good sushi in the Chihuahuan Desert! Image: Sushi & sashimi on square white plate.

Ain’t nothing like the real thing, Baby. ~ Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell

Oh, yes, you can find good sushi in the Chihuahuan Desert.

True . . . Japan is THE seafood lover’s dream.

Eateries offering sushi, sashimi, and a variety of dishes teaming with savory vegetables from the sea are everywhere you go.

So when I ate some of the best sushi I’ve had in a while at a local restaurant, the inevitable happened.

I began to daydream about returning to Japan to eat the great sushi there.

If I had my way, everyone would travel to Japan and fall in love with its fabulous seafood, eating in places where no sushi chef has ever prepared a “California roll.”

But I’ve got this friend who also lived in Japan and reminds me the sushi is a lot cheaper here in the states.

Ah . . .
there he has got me.

So, even as I encourage you to continue piling up your pennies for a ticket to Tokyo, check out this short list of Japanese restaurants.

Where to Find Good Sushi in the Chihuahuan Desert

All are in El Paso, Texas and offer a variety of tasty dishes authentic enough for anyone interested in experiencing good sushi in the desert.

Hamachi Sushi  ~ 9861 Dyer Street, El Paso, TX ~ 915.755.5180

Tempura and good sushi in the Chihuahuan Desert at Hamachi Sushi in El Paso, Texas.

Riyoma ~ 2000 North Lee Trevino Drive, El Paso, TX ~ 915.590.8220

Matsuharu ~ 4886 Hercules Avenue, El Paso, TX ~ 915.751.9355

Where off-the-beaten-track have YOU found surprisingly good Japanese food? (Share your info with fellow Japanese food fans in a comment below.)