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Hey there, Food Adventurer Friend!

Have you noticed the change where you are? Fall has arrived a few weeks earlier this year.

Yeah, yeah, government scientists predicted “scorching temperatures” throughout the summer. But I don’t mind at all the fact that they got this wrong. 

After all, what’s not to like about the cooler weather?

Now, if I lived in the Dakotas or north of Saskatchewan, I might feel differently.

But I don’t. 

And, maybe you don’t either. So we can celebrate together🎉!

Once again, we can make long brisk walks a highlight of our day.

The cooler temps also mean that L. and I can hit the hiking trails later in the day without risking heatstroke. That kind of concern tends to stay top of mind here in the Southwest, even in late summer.

It’s all the sun and open spaces. 

Now, check out these other things I want to share with you in this week’s…


1. Imagine taking a trip where, each stop along the way, you get to sample local ice cream, with its unique flavor. As culinary travel goals go, it sounds like a good one to me. Here in Las Cruces, NM we’d likely lure tourists with our “Green Chile cone.” (Actually, in a way, we already do.

What flavor of soft serve would your city be?

2. Just because a thing has been “done before” doesn’t mean it can’t be good. That’s why this memoir of an American who moves to Paris and changes her life is on my reading list.

3. Luv the spirit of this exchange heard on a recent episode of Living Adventurouslyone of my on again, off-again favorite podcasts:

She: I’d love to cycle around the coast of Britain.

He: Well, go on then.

And, so she went!

(The entire bit unfolds from 7:05 through 8:35 on the podcast.)

4. A quote: I don’t believe in “guilty pleasures.” I never want to feel guilty for taking pleasure in food. Eating is a joy and I consider that every day. — Samantha Seneviratne, baker and author

Hear, hear!

5. Take a look at what I’ve written regarding some other inspiring food quotes by creative people, here.

Dive deep,


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