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Mesilla Valley Kitchen's carne adovada plate is a perfect breakfast if you like it hot and flavorful.


You know how the song “Maria” in the musical West Side Story begins: The most beautiful sound I ever heard?

Well, a day later, I’m still humming about the breakfast “spuds” at Mesilla Valley Kitchen  ~ the most spicedup home fries I’ve ever tasted.

So. Good. 

Yes, some do like it hot.

Mesilla Valley Kitchen cooks are not afraid to use the chile peppers and other spices in their pantry and thank God for it.

This is New Mexico, after all.

The delicious potatoes they call “spuds” are sure enough picante, so chile wimps need not apply for the carne adovada (red chile sauce-marinated pork) plate. But for the rest of us, come on in and sit down.

Besides a generous portion of those well-seasoned spuds, you get tasty helpings of carne adovada, pintos interlaced with a mixture of cheeses, and two eggs made to order  ~ in my case, “over soft.” And a bit of salad.

Mesilla Valley Kitchen prides itself on handling special orders. So feel free to specify whether you want a flour or corn tortilla to come with, or none at all.

How’s the coffee?

I stuck to water, but hubby L. vouches for Mesilla Valley Kitchen’s coffee, saying it’s “good.” (That’s high praise from someone who doesn’t usually bother to offer an opinion about his eats.) It’s “bottomless,” too.


No booths, but the red, white, and blue interior is clean, upbeat . . . comfy. And our server was friendly and super-attentive. 

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Do you like your breakfast spicy (or prefer something “calmer” for your first meal of the day)?