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A tall FAT slice of le Rendezvous Cafe Quiche Lorraine with salad; find it in Las Cruces, NM.

Maybe you’ve already guessed the truth . . .

That not every plate of bacon and eggs in Las Cruces comes with chile or even needs the hot stuff.

And now, I’ve proved it: with one tall FAT slice of le Rendezvous Cafe Quiche Lorraine.

This Quiche Lorraine ~ layers of bacon and the fluffiest egg custard ~ is a flavorful phenom. And it arrives at your table hot, just the way a “hot” food item ought to. With not a drop of chile in sight.


3 Steps to EnJoying le Rendezvous Cafe Quiche Lorraine

    1. Take a good look at the featured image above and;
    2. Imagine how beautifully FLAKY is the golden crust that’s holding those layers of bacon and fluffy egg custard together! (BLISSFUL SIGH) But then enough imagining, it’s time to act
    3. Get thyself to le Rendezvous Cafe at the southwest corner of Picacho Avenue and Motel Boulevard.

This is my favorite Quiche Lorraine in LC to date and may soon become yours.

It comes with a garden salad and pairs well with le Rendezvous Cafe French Onion Soup if you’re wanting something more for breakfast or brunch.

Whichever you choose, le Rendezvous Cafe Quiche Lorraine is one EXCELLENT way to say “Bonjour” to another beautiful Las Cruces morning.

Still hungry for more about quiche? Here’s where to find another Quiche Lorraine in Las Cruces. 

Is Quiche Lorraine your favorite kind of quiche or have you another?