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All Between Land and Air by Nani Chacon and JayCee Beyale, close-up

When my Las Cruces neighbors and I speak of something super-sized these days, we’re not usually referring to hamburgers and fries but to Las Cruces street art.

Vibrant street art is alive and well in Las Cruces, a colorful part of the city’s landscape. Artists from all over New Mexico and the borderland have “shown their work” in Las Cruces. They come from as far north as Farmington and as far south as El Paso.

Look around the city and you’ll see their murals covering the walls of businesses, public buildings ~ even the water tanks!

Now, let me tell you about one of the latest and loveliest of these super-sized pieces of art. Its official name is All Between Land and Air.

However, most of us in Las Cruces know it as “the mural across the street from Day’s Hamburgers,” on the side of the building which used to house the Visitors Center.

Doesn’t matter what you end up calling it, just go see it . . .  the mural is one gorgeous piece of art.

All Between Land and Air by Nani Chacon and JayCee Beyale, beautiful example of Las Cruces Street Art.

All Between Land and Air by Nani Chacon and JayCee Beyale is a colorful piece of Las Cruces street art located on Las Cruces Avenue between Water Street and Alameda Avenue.

Collaborative Las Cruces Street Art

All Between Land and Air is a collaborative work as are many large-scale murals. Painters Nanibah “Nani” Chacon and JayCee Beyale designed it together. Then, with the help of other New Mexican artists, completed the half-block long painting within 3 days!

What I like most about it is the bold and lush color. Nani Chacon is known for depicting female figures in vibrant colors. In this piece, you sense a love for both women and nature.

And take a look at the design along the mural’s top and bottom borders. Turns out Nani hails from Northwest New Mexico and is part Diné (the name people commonly known as Navajo call themselves): this geometric pattern is popular in that culture.

The pattern is one of the elements that make this piece of Las Cruces street art uniquely Navajo, New Mexican, and American all at the same time.

That’s why I recommend you visit soon to enjoy it.

While the mural is still fresh and the colors of each detail ~ the birds, flowers, the woman’s luminous black hair   . . . E-VE-RY-THING still



      1. Tour All Between Land and Air and other murals of Las Cruces with a guide. Thanks to the city’s mild climate, viewing the collection of street murals around town is doable most any day of the year. Lots to see from various artists!
      2. Visit Nani Chacon on Instagram to see what she’s working on now.

What and where is your favorite piece of street art?