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A lunch plate featuring Tandoori Chicken, from the buffet at India Hut restaurant in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Location, location, location.

By all appearances, 1605 S. Solano in Las Cruces has been the kiss of death to whatever restaurant dared to claim that address for its own.

Within just the past years, no less than three other eateries have come and gone at this location.

If you didn’t blink, maybe you remember sampling the Mexican food at Papo’s or Mi Rinconcito, or the collard greens at Ms. AJ’s Taste of Soul.

Or maybe you blinked and missed all three.

Whether the latest contender in the ring, India Hut, thrives in that spot is up in the air. What I do know is they serve a good variety of dishes at an excellent price ~ $10 per person for the lunch buffet. And the women working the front of the house were exceptionally kind.

One took the time to explain what specific dishes contained when I asked and how best to savor them. Another visited our table, more than once, with plates of hot naan, fresh from the oven . . . that garlic naan is delicious! 

Now if only they could keep those chafing dishes as hot. The fact that the otherwise tasty food tasted lukewarm was a major disappointment.

With that problem solved, India Hut could have a much longer than usual run in this location.

Both buffet and table service dining are available at the Las Cruces Indian restaurant, India Hut.

India Hut, 1605 S. Solano Drive ~ 575.449.4110 ~ Open M-F 10:30a-2:30p, M-Sat 5p-9p, & Sat & Sun 11:30a-3p.

Time will tell.