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The Las Cruces downtown diner, Sugie's Diner, serves a tasty bacon, chile, and spinach quiche.

No doubt about it: the Las Cruces downtown diner, Sugie’s Diner, is the best place in the area to go for a good and quick in-and-out meal.

The day Hubby L and I visited, Elvis was singing in the background. Hey, the man was on the TV screen, too. The decor was bright and airy; so deciding to eat in on our first visit was an easy call.

And no sooner had my VERY good bacon, chile, and quiche arrived at the table ~ super hot fresh out of the oven ~ I turned to see a line had formed.

It was noon and workers from the various businesses in the neighborhood had converged on Sugie’s. The line of people went clear out the side door.

Smart, hungry people, short on time.

Hungry people, short on time stand in line at Sugie's Diner, the Las Cruces downtown diner.

Could be Sugie’s Diner is the only place in the area to go for a good and quick in-and-out.

Now, what did L. have?

A Nathan’s hot dog with relish that he said was just the right, generous, size for his lunch. You can see it (minus the bite he took before I could take the picture!) and other photos from Sugie’s Diner here.

My quiche was delicious. The crust was flaky, the chile was medium heat. The optional fruit that comes with it ~ salad is the other choice ~ turned out to be all the dessert I needed that day.

Here’s hoping your first Sugie’s Diner experience will be as sweet.

Entrance to Sugie's Diner in Las Cruces, NM, from the Church Street parking lot.

Sugie’s Diner, 340 North Main St., Las Cruces, NM ~ 575.222.0635~ M-Sat 8a-6p