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A white chocolate-macadamia nut latte available at Spirit Winds, the Las Cruces coffee bar for shoppers.

This is a good looking cup of coffee, there’s no denying. It’s a Spirit Winds signature white chocolate and macadamia nut latte, to be exact.

But don’t come walking into this Las Cruces coffee bar if you’re looking for a quiet mellow atmosphere to linger over that good looking cup.

You’d soon discover you’re in the wrong place.

Yet if being surrounded by the lively conversational buzz of others and multiple multicolored objects is what energizes you, Spirit Winds was made for you.

The coffee bar is also ideal for those who like to shop. Half of the store is a gift shop, hence the full name: Spirit Winds Gift Source & Coffee Bar.

What can you buy in this Las Cruces coffee bar for shoppers?

The variety and number of gift choices may surprise you. These include mugs and miscellaneous tchotchkes as well as signs to put a smile on your face ~

~ tote bags, clothing items, any number of crosses, the head of a unicorn . . .

Yes, a unicorn.

No doubt about it, Spirit Winds regulars thrive on the busy and colorful atmosphere. They enjoy meeting with friends here over a hot cup or even a sandwich.

And, afterward, they can stroll the shop for new and interesting items that may have come in since their last visit.

Spirit Winds fills those cups with a wide array of teas as well as coffee. That the staff serving you is friendly as well as knowledgeable about the offerings is what I liked most about my visit there.

That, my friend, is Spirit Winds Gift Source & Coffee Bar the Las Cruces coffee bar for people who like to sip while they shop.

Spirit Winds Gift Source & Coffee Bar, 2260 South Locust ~ 575.521.1222