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ice cream rolls


As business names go, Icy Summer Rolling Ice Cream is a mouthful.

But it’s an appropriate name since the sweet deliciousness sold at this Las Cruces ice cream parlor is the iciest, coldest you’ve ever tasted.

You see, what makes Icy Summer Rolling Ice Cream different from most other ice cream shops around are its ice cream rolls.

And how, exactly, does one go about making ice cream rolls?

I enjoyed watching the counter guy transform into an ice cream barista before my eyes. (Screens in front of each slab allow you to observe each dessert prepared to order.)

Hubby L and I had ordered rolling ice cream with mango, one of the twenty luscious flavors available.

So after pouring cream onto the slab, the ice cream barista began to chop up mango fruit into the cream. His hands moved almost as fast as Bishop, the android who did the knife trick in Aliens.

Then came the blending, smoothing, and finally the scraping into rolls ~ what a show!

But the most fun, of course, came with eating the ice cream.

These ice cream rolls are not only super cold but super tasty, with real fruit pieces in the topping.

Of course, the intense cold of the ice cream means you’ll have to be strategic about eating it.

Jab one of those pretty rolls with one of the pretty plastic spoons too gently and you won’t make a dent. Jab at the ice cream with too much force and you may end up wearing some of it on your nose.

Not like I’d know anything about that, ahem. 

But who wants to rush, anyway?

These are big cups of yummy ice cream and each carries a full crown of toppings. So take your time and enjoy each spoonful of this beautiful ice cream dessert as it oh-so-slowly softens.

Yummy ice cream rolls are yours at Icy Summer Rolling Ice Cream in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Icy Summer Rolling Ice Cream, 2001 E. Lohman Ave. ~ 575.888.4672