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View from hiking Baylor Canyon Trail.

Are you living your life in a way that is worth telling stories about? ~ Mark Batterson

The Organs are not as high as the Rockies. But they’re every bit as beautiful and great training ground for someone getting ready to go on their first 15-mile desert hike.

Someone like me.

I was set to march with hundreds of others in the Bataan Memorial Death March and I intended to finish and finish well. So, for the first time,I hiked the Baylor Canyon Trail.

Baylor Canyon, Organ Mountains

Baylor Canyon, Organ Mountains

But not by myself. A friend and personal fitness trainer, Liz Roelant, led the way. Liz completed the Memorial Death March twice ~ one time walking, the other time running!

"Trail Boss Liz"

“Trail Boss Liz”

Enjoyed reading this “welcome” sign. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Enjoy your climb!

Enjoy your climb!

The next time someone asks how a place called “desert” can be considered beautiful, I’ll show them these images.

Desert Eye Candy Here

Desert Eye Candy There

The 3-mile high view knocked me out.

Baylor Canyon, 3 miles high.

Baylor Canyon, 3 miles high.

Lunchtime came. The JFC (Japanese Fried Chicken) and seasoned rice balls I had prepared survived the trip intact.

Lunchtime ~ Crispy JFC and brown rice balls.

Lunchtime ~ Crispy JFC and brown rice balls.

Then a swarm of flies gathered and began to attack. I ate as fast as I could while waving my arms every which way and got out of there.

The first fly appears, eyes ~ all five of them ~ on MY fried chicken.

The first fly appears, eyes ~ all five of them ~ on MY fried chicken. (Think it was the lemon that sent them over the edge?)

OK, now I know why people usually take power bars or trail mix on these hikes. (No fried chicken on future hikes!)

On the way back down, I observed the hiker tradition of adding a marker to the trail ~ to help guide the next one passing this way.

Another stone to guide fellow hikers

Another stone to guide fellow hikers

This was, at the time, my only mountain hike of any significant distance ever.

Was it hard?

No. Because I was prepared, having outfitted myself with the right equipment and clothing, exercising regularly in the days leading up the hike. Plus I had a good guide who was great fun to be with. We hit the trailhead talking and never stopped!

What dream of yours seems difficult to bring about? Could it be it only seems “impossible” or “difficult” because it requires learning something new? Could you find someone who has already been successful to help you?

No one accomplishes anything of real or lasting value alone.

What story could you see yourself living with just a “little more” info or training?

Hiking Baylor Canyon Trail with Henry Miller "destination" quote.