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Ever traveled the New Mexico Green Chile Cheeseburger Trail?

The 100+ eateries on the trail are located all over the state. From bonafide “burger joints” to fine restaurants, if it serves a decent green chile cheeseburger (GCC), it’s sure to be on the list.

GCC’s are special, to be sure. Green chile is THEstaple of New Mexican cuisine and adds a kick to the taste experience you can’t get any other way. But not all green chile cheeseburgers are created equal.

Some are more equal than others.

Still eating my way through the list,  but confident enough to pronounce the GCC at Sparky’s Burgers, in the town of Hatch, as one of the best.

It’s that good.


Lots of flavor with a combo of spices, grilled.

With a side of Sweet Corn with Hatch Green Chile and Onion . . . oh yeah!

Green Chile Cheeseburger at Sparky’s in Hatch, NM Click To Tweet

Hubby and I walked in the door with our mouths set on sharing the 10-oz. ribeye, another Sparky’s menu item. Was gonna have my portion smothered in the optional green chile queso, of course . . . but they had run out. 

But we’re not complaining, our burgers more than satisfied. Plus, the drive north from Las Cruces takes less than 45 minutes . . . so coming back soon to sample Sparky’s ribeye, barbecue, and more will be easy to do.


What is the dining atmosphere like? Upbeat, which suited us fine since we had come there to party, celebrating our anniversary, like we do that every month.

Yeah, we’re mushy that way.

The point is, Sparky’s vibe fit the bill.

Colorful decor with vintage memorabilia all around. And lots of other hungry diners, too. Most of them genuinely friendly.

Like the couple who stepped off the line to give us a boost when we, having eaten and left, came back into Sparky’s to announce we’d left our lights on and our battery was dead. Turns out they were from Las Cruces, too.

Las Cruces people and Sparky’s ~ they both rock!

Have you been to Sparky’s? What has been your best Green Chile Cheeseburger experience?