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The Champ, a good green chile cheeseburger from Rockin' BZ Burger in Alamogordo, NM.

Don’t even think about ordering Rockin’ BZ Burger’s the Champ unless you’re REALLY hungry.

It was while brainstorming ways to put their green chile cheeseburger in the above and beyond category, I’m guessing, that the owners decided to make it with a half-pound of beef. 


The chopped green chile is, as always at Rockin’ BZ Burgers, from Hatch. And although the menu description says the Champ comes with American cheese, you really do have a choice between an American or Swiss cheese topping.  

Just so it’s clear what you’re seeing in the photo, I chose Swiss. Grilled onions, tomato, and shredded lettuce are in there, too. 

(The plain and simple burger I ordered during an earlier visit didn’t contain any cheese at all. Whether you want cheese or any other extra, ordering is easy since Rockin’ BZ Burgers has a build-your-own-burger option. When you don’t feel like making a bunch of topping decisions, the Champ or the 1/4 Champ ~ with a quarter-pound beef pattie ~ are two good “no-hassle” options.)

Now, back to todays eats . . .

Unlike that first visit to this Alamogordo burgery  ~ yes, I know the word burgery isn’t “standard” yet, but it ought to be ~  the place was packed this time. Nearly every table was packed with burger eaters of all ages and lots of pre-teens sipping sodas.


When I did happen to hear something over the sipping sounds, it was another patron pausing between bites to say: “Good burger.

And that’s my take on the Champ:

It’s a good green chile cheeseburger, made into a meal with a side of (in this case) fresh sweet potato fries.

Nothing wrong with that.

Some say the Champ is one of New Mexico’s 10 best green chile cheeseburgers.

What do you say? Where do you get your favorite green chile cheeseburger?