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Gluten free Greenhaus burger ~ the "Hausburger" atop a (cute) gluten-free bun. With truffle fries.


Stopped by the Greenhaus food truck at the Farmers Market this past Saturday and looked at the burgers. Right away, my husband ordered one, but I resisted and ordered only the truffle fries. Wanted to avoid the wheat and gluten that come with the burger bun.

The fries sprinkled with truffle salt, I told myself, would be enough to keep me from wanting some of my husband’s burger.

Besides, wasn’t it enough that EVERYTHING the Greenhaus serves is fresh, locally-sourced, organic and, therefore, free of GMO’s?

Take a gluten-free Greenhaus Burger with those fries?

That’s when I discovered the Greenhaus offers gluten-free bread as an option with every sandwich on the menu.

So I got my burger, after all, a Hausburger: Colby cheese, tomato, spinach, arugula, and green chile aioli, with a baconcrowned patty of grass-fed beef. On a really cute gluten-free bun.

I’m a fan now.

Didn’t even ~ couldn’t even ~ stop eating long enough to add ketchup as I normally do with burgers.

Oh . . . the hand-cut truffle fries were good, too, and soon like the burger ~ all. gone.

Here is where and when you can get your own Greenhaus fix.