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This dish of strawberries with yogurt (without optional granola) is a fruity naturally gluten-free dessert available at Beck's Coffee in Las Cruces, NM. (Fruit varies with the season.)

Primo coffee and calm is what you get when you choose to spend your time at Beck’s Coffee.

(And in case you missed it, we’ve already established that fact in this post about Las Cruces’ Cool, Calm & Crazy Good Coffee House.

That’s why having healthy sweet treats like this dish of fresh strawberries and yogurt with your coffee break is a bonus.

And who ~ tell me who ~ doesn’t like getting “extras” with a service or product that’s already good?

The standard version of this fruity naturally gluten-free dessert includes granola.

But this equally yum and grainless version can be all yours if, like me, you prefer to do without. Simply ask the barista to hook you up and it’s done.

The dish is available year-round, but the fruit available varies by season.

So, let’s hear it, how far along are you in your goals for today, this week, or this month?

However far, it’s a great time to celebrate with a good hot cuppa and something sweet on the side. Maybe at your favorite local coffee house.

What qualities make your favorite coffee bar a standout?