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Hey there, Food Adventurer Friend ~

Do you get to meet your neighbors when you go walking in your area?

On morning walks with my husband, neighbors like “Cassie the Cow” and her family are getting as used to seeing us as we are seeing them. 

Sometimes I wonder whether the ranch she lives on is the last in this area of Southern New Mexico. 

And I feel what I imagine John Dunbar — Kevin Costner’s character in “Dances with Wolves” — felt when he said:

“I’ve always wanted to see the frontier … before it’s gone.”

The thought of losing all this space and freedom, at first, makes me catch my breath. Then, I catch myself. Cassie’s still here and so am I.

Meet Cassie. “Cassie” seemed as good a name for this pretty brown cow as anything else.

It excites me to see her and the other cattle roaming on what still seems like so much land. And I remember again why we chose to live out west.

Come see for yourself sometime. But before you start packing😉, here’s this weeks ~


1. In these days where open air spaces have become synonymous with freedom, we’ve all become “outdoors people.” So we may as well “do it up” and learn how to dine al fresco with imagination and style. Picnic-makers from around the world have ideas ✨ we can use to jazz up our outdoor meals.

2. Curious thing. The writer of this article about stress baking says, “I don’t bake as much as I used to (silly gluten).” Yet, one reason I bake more than ever is “silly gluten.” Why do you bake? To create? As a means to an end? To relax? Or something else?

3. If you luv soft-baked chocolate chip cookies but want or need to avoid gluten, bookmark this recipe: “The Best Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies.” I’ve made it multiple-times 🍪🍪🍪💕and assure you the title is not an overstatement👍🏾.

4. Ever hear of the “Black Sphinx?” No, it’s not a new archeological find in Egypt or dance move. It’s a kind of date that grows ONLY in Phoenix. And, folks say, it tastes fabulous!

5. A quote: You cannot pursue greatness and comfort at the same time.Commit today to stepping outside your comfort zone and set some goals to help you get there. In short, grow. —Todd Henry, from his book 📖, Die Empty

Dive deep,


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