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One of the fabulous Saenz gorditas with a tub of salsa.

Life without Mexican food is like no life at all. ~ Anonymous


You find eateries where these two words go together throughout New Mexico.

But add a third word ~ MEXICAN ~ to the mix, and Southern New Mexico is the place to be.

In that case, if you’re in Las Cruces and in need of a quick AND filling fix, Saenz Gorditas signature gordita is your huckleberry.

A Saenz Gordita is awesome. Mexican. food.  in New Mexico.

Some have called the Saenz gordita the best tasting gordita in the state. Others claim it is the best they’ve eaten outside of Mexico.

I call it delicious and a terrific way to invest your lunch money.


That’s not to say Saenz’ other offerings are not as good, only that I haven’t yet tried them yet. Every time I go, I ask for more gorditas.

What is a gordita?

It’s a smallish corn cake stuffed with delicious savory fillings. Picture a thick tortilla ~ fried so it is crispy on the outside and steamed cuddly soft on the inside. Then, see it sliced open, and your favorites crammed inside of it ~ cheeseshredded beef, beans, chiles, potato,  nopalitos . . .

Maybe this will help:

Two fabulous Saenz gorditas, one with cheese, one without.

Saenz gorditas. “Gordita” is an affectionate Spanish term meaning “little fat one.” I can see how someone could come to feel affectionate about a Saenz gordita . . . .

These are two Saenz “regular” gorditas, with ground beef, lettuce, cheese . . . a bit of potato. 

They made an ideal-sized lunch. Their medium-heat salsa is one of the best I’ve found at a fast food place.

Oh, yes, Saenz is fast food, has a drive-through to prove it.

But the way they prepare your meal is not drive-through; it’s made to order. Where I didn’t want cheese, they didn’t put cheese.

Everything tasted FRESH. Guess when you’ve had your name on a product for nearly 20 years in the same place as is the case with Saenz in LC, you tend to pay attention to details. 

Tips for Buying Your Fabulous Saenz Gorditas

So, next time you’re driving by Las Cruces, you need to literally drive through Saenz Gorditas. And if you can schedule this kind of thing, try to get hungry between 2 and 4 in the afternoon.

Because that’s when the “regular” gorditas go on sale and you can buy up to a dozen at a great discount.

Now, don’t let the building’s exterior put you off ~ yes, it has seen better days. And don’t let the number of cars circling the drive-through discourage you either.

Just park and order at the front window. Tell the gal what you need, and she’ll hook you up.

A dozen Saenz Gorditas should keep you satisfied until your next stop, like the sack-of-ten White Castle hamburgers we’d wolf down back in the day . . . but way better.

‘Cause White Castles never came with salsa.

Where to find your fabulous Saenz Gorditas: 1700 N Solano Dr, Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Saenz Gorditas, 1700 N Solano Dr, Las Cruces; 575.527.4212; M-F 9:30a- 7p; Sat 9:30a-5p

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