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Everything pistachio is on display at Pistachioland in Alamogordo.

If you’re looking for sweet gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, don’t rule out Pistachioland in Alamogordo.

Did you know ~

~ this shop at McGinn’s Pistachio Tree Ranch offers everything pistachio?

  • salsas, piñon coffees, and pistachios in every flavor and combination you’d ever think of having them. And some you NEVER would.
  • all kinds of sweet treats to make a fab goodie bag for your sweetheart. These include caramel popcorn, tropical fruit-flavored taffies, cookie and cream caramels, and sweetened nuts galore. Think pistachio, pecan AND cashew brittles and butter toffees, some covered with chocolate.
  • the chance for the two of you to take a picture with the “WORLD’S LARGEST PISTACHIO.”  (Just corny enough to make it one of your most memorable ~ and therefore, romantic ~ “couple pics.”)

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