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Email Whitelisting

Again, thanx for subscribing to Melodie K.

Because you’ve taken that step, tips and practical steps to help you explore the world and try new foods will soon be on their way to you.

But spam filters in your email provider will be working 24/7 as well. They want to keep your inbox free of junk mail ~ advertisements, coupons, and other types of email you don’t care about.

What if they weed out one of your valuable Melodie K emails, emails you do not want to miss?

Here’s how to keep that from happening if your email provider is:


Find the email from me and click on it. Then, on the right side of the screen, next to the left-pointing arrow for “Reply,” locate the icon that looks like a stack of three dots. Click on that dot icon.

In the dropdown menu that appears, choose the option to “Add [Email Name] to Contacts list. And that’s it! My email will never end up in your SPAM folder.


There are three ways to whitelist an email in Yahoo.


On the far right of Yahoo Mail, look in the area below your name, next to the Yahoo calendar icon. Locate the square-shaped icon that’s next to three lines and click on it.

In the contacts list that opens, click “New Contact,” and add my email address. Now my emails will always appear in your inbox.


You can also whitelist an email by creating a filter. On the far right of your Yahoo Mail window, find the “Settings” icon. (It looks like a gear cog.) Click it, and then click “More Settings.” Then click “Filters,” then click “Add,” and type in the name you want to call your filter.

Now, put my email address in the “To/CC” or “Recipient” section, making sure that the menu next to the words “Then move the message to this folder” is set to “inbox.” Click “Save” once, then click “Save” again. From now on my emails will always be in your inbox.


Use this third way to whitelist if my one of my emails has already gone to your SPAM or “Bulk” folder in Yahoo.

Click the email itself or click to check the box next to the email to the email. Then find the “Not Spam” button at the top of your inbox and click it. Doing so will put my email and all other emails from my email address in your inbox.