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World's largest AND economical green chile cheeseburger with sweet potato waffle fries, Peppers, Mesilla, NM.New Mexicans could debate you 24/7 on which green chile cheeseburger is the”best.”

But there’s no disputing the green chile cheeseburger at the Peppers Cafe in Mesilla is the “biggest.”

The burger won the title as “World’s Largest Green Chile Cheeseburger” when it debuted in 2009. That’s when it contained a “mere” 16 ounces  ~ a solid pound! ~ of ground beef. Since then, the burger has kept on growing. First to 20 ounces and now to a WHOPPING, not Whopperthat’s from the other guys — 24 ounces of beef.

Kind of like the creature in the Steve McQueen sci-fi classic “The Blob” . . . bigger and BIGGER . . . but tastier, hot, and served with waffle fries. (Plus in this case, WE eat IT, it doesn’t eat US.) 

"World's largest" and economical green chile cheeseburger open-faced, with green chile on top.The price for this colossal burger, of course, has grown to match its size. (Take a peek at the Peppers Cafe lunch menu and see where we are today.) 

At THAT price, 

How can this be an “economical green chile cheeseburger?”

You could feed a family of SIX on a single order and no one would walk away hungry. When you consider that’s a quarter-pounder for everyone AND it comes with a plate of salad fixings and obligatory salsa and chips ~  this is a pretty economical green chile cheeseburger meal. 

Salsa and chips ~ the start of an economical green chile cheeseburger meal at Peppers, Mesilla, NM.