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Personalized private coaching

I’m here to empower you to savor God’s world to the max. I’m here to inspire you when you need a push and you have had a busy, crazy day. I am here to be your guiding hand when life gets in the way of your healthy goal.

In my private coaching program, we’ll design your own custom focus and plan, tailored to your needs and your personality. Here are some questions I’ve worked with clients on:

  • Getting control of your calendar to make scheduling everyday adventures (and opportunities for it) a priority.
  • Gaining clarity on what you most want to focus on in living a well-traveled life as you define it.
  • Creating a plan for accomplishing your most important travel goal.
  • Understanding how serving a variety of foods can improve your physical well-being and appreciation of the all-sufficiency of God’s provision.
  • Overcoming self-limiting beliefs and habits and putting new, healthy beliefs and habits in place.

If you want a caring support person who’ll come alongside you, listen with empathy, and work with you to bring out your best and craft a personalized travel adventure plan for you to travel and eat across cultures, then I would love to work with you one-on-one. I’ll bring my years of international living, study, and working to the table, along with my best creative thinking. And I will help see your strengths and leverage them, celebrate your wins, and find the purposeful path for service and abundant living that’s just right for an curious food lover with a heart for serving across cultures like you.

At this time I offer 3 options for working with me one on one, all intented to allow me to support you in creating strategies for accomplishing what you care about and making a life that matters.

A one-time 80-minute intensive session, where we focus on 2-3 of your ____ questions/challenges and come up with some strategies for addressing them. The current price for this package is US$ 80.

A 3-session package of 55-minute sessions, in which we focus on either making progress on one major ___ question/challenge over the 3 weeks or if you prefer, address a different question/area each session. The current price for this package is US$ 150.

A 6-session package of 55-minute sessions, which gives us time to really dig into the questions/challenges you want to work on over the course of 6 meetings. The current price for this package US$ 300.

The packages can be scheduled in consecutive weeks or spread out as you prefer — every other week, or once a month, for example — but they all need to be used by December 1. Payment is due in advance, one you’ve paid then we schedule the session(s) at a mutually convenient time.

The sessions all take place via video conference and are recorded so you can watch them later. I take notes, whcih I share with you after each all, including action items and, where appropriate, suggested resources, and the packages all include a reasonable amount of email support in between meetings. Before we meet, I’ll have you fill out a short online questionnaire and provide me with a little background on who you are and what you want to accomplish, so we can make the best use of our time together.

Interested? I’m accepting only 5 private coaching clients at this time, and I expect the spots to go fast. I’ll review applications in the order I receive them and then contact you to schedule a short phoene call to discuss moving forward if it appears things may be a great fit.

Go here to fill out a short application and start the process. (LINK)

Questions? Email me! (LINK)

In the meantime, remember to dive deep and savor.


Yes, private coaching is a significant investment — of time, energy, and money. But so is time spent spinning your wheels, feeling frustrated, and not accomplishing what matters most to you. Life is short. If you’re ready, let’s explore working together to get you where you want to go. Go here to fill out an application (LINK) and get the process started today!