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Signage at Day's Hamburgers, possibly Las Cruces' best little burger joint.

I enjoy the burger joint the same way I enjoy fancy meals. ~ Aby Rosen

Visiting downtown Las Cruces doesn’t always mean drinking in the festive sights and tastes that come with the Wednesday and Saturday morning street market.

Sometimes it’s a quiet event, where you head over to the corner of Water Street and Las Cruces Avenue for one of the juiciest burgers in town.

When the Same Old, Same Old is a GOOD Thing

Day’s Hamburgers, in business for over eighty years, has become an institution in Las Cruces.

The ambiance is frill-free. Tables with benches arranged picnic-area style. But never mind atmosphere ~ you’re here for the burgers.

And with these burgers, frill-free is is the point.

Friendly service with juicy, NOT greasy, freshly grilled burgers on a fresh bun. It’s what keeps people coming back for more year after year after year.

You sense a familiar, laid-back vibe when you enter. Just inside the door to your right is the counter where you put in your order.

The standard toppings are onions, lettuce, and mustard. But as everything is made to order, you decide to nix the onions today.

And since this is Las Cruces, you say “Yes” when asked if you want green chile, too.

Then you sit down at one of the picnic tables to wait and, particularly if this is your first time, look at the back wall.

A mural, simply painted in happy colors, covers it from beginning to end.

These are scenes of Day’s Hamburgers in years gone by, and in one of these, a customer and her little girl are being served by a smiling brunette named “Charlene.”

Wall mural depicting Charlene Lee, founder of Day's Hamburgers, Las Cruces' best little burger joint.

That’s Charlene Lee, who took the business over from her mother, the shop’s founder and original owner. The gal pressing that fresh beef patty down on the grill for you right now is Charlene’s granddaughter.

How You Build the Best Little Burger in Las Cruces

She flips your burger, you hear the pop and sizzle as it lands. You lick your lips, knowing the time is near.

Finally, you hear your name called.

It’s ready! You’re handed your precious goodie bag with a Day’s hamburger inside, and you’re out the door.

You can top your burger with ketchup ~ if that’s your thing ~ later when you’re back at home, at work, or maybe a nearby park.

Close-up of green chile cheeseburger served at the best little burger joint in Las Cruces, New Mexico: Day's Hamburgers.

But whether you get your Day’s to go or to stay ~ get it.

Because Day’s Hamburgers is possibly the best little burger joint in Las Cruces.

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