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Ahi Poke Salad New Mexico style at the Pecan Grill ~ a delicious taste of Hawaii in Las Cruces.

FRESH fish and salad greens. Pine nuts. Avocado.

The Ahi Poke Salad at the Pecan Grill & Brewery in Las Cruces is a delicious choice when you’re hungry and want something healthy AND luxurious in a classy atmosphere.

Why luxurious?

Well, for one thing, there’s plenty of it. This salad is a meal, not a side dish.

For another, there’s plenty of the ingredient you want most, what makes this dish a special and rare find in Las Cruces. I’m talkin’ about the poke, that is, the fresh raw marinated tuna.

Having happily lived for a time in Hawaii, I sat down to the table looking for a taste of those islands I’d been missing and was not disappointed.

The salad is truly ono ~ Hawaiian for delicious.

Even though Pecan Grill & Brewery has given the dish a Southwest-New Mexico twist by adding pine nuts and avocado wedges.

Lots and lots of avocado wedges.

Too much avocado for my taste, but not enough to keep me from eating it all up!

Because this is Ahi Poke Salad New Mexico style, am I right?

You may come to appreciate, as I do now, how Pecan Grill & Brewery doesn’t copy-cat Hawaiian-style poke salad, try to be something they’re not.

This IS New Mexico, not Oahu, after all.

So, you like sashimi? Then, give this Ahi Poke Salad a try.

‘Cause I luvs me some sashimi and I liked this salad a lot.

Fellow Sashimi Lover, you’ll want to check out this post.

In the meantime . . .

Do you like Hawaiian food, too? And if so, what is your favorite dish?

Where to find Ahi Poke Salad New Mexico style in Las Cruces, NM.

Pecan Grill & Brewery, 500 South Telshor Boulevard ~ 575.521.1099