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Retro diner counter and stools, I-70 Diner, Flagler, CO.

Dear Fellow Retro Diner-Lover, this one is for you.

If ever you find yourself in Colorado on the I-70 (before turning south for New Mexico, of course!) be sure to take Exit 395 in Flagler.

That where the I-70 Diner ~ the ultimate 50’s retro diner ~ stands.

And really, the pink Cadillac on top of its signpost makes it hard to miss, don’t you think? 

"Signpost" for I-70 Diner, a retro diner in Flagler, CO

A pink Cadillac tops the signpost for this retro diner on the I-70 in Colorado.

This diner is a favorite food stop when heading to New Mexico from the east coast.

Why is this retro diner in Colorado a favorite stop on the I-70 West? 

For one thing, the location is perfect for drivers with a good appetite.

That would be you and me most of the time. 

And who wouldn’t be hungry after plowing through 400-plus miles of highway with nothing to see but Kansas wheat fields and wind turbines?

Kansas wind turbines you see headed to our retro diner on the I-70 West.

Unattractive metal trees known as wind turbines line the Kansas portion of the I-70. That’s how this gal from Brooklyn’s first look at those “amber waves of grain” in the Wheat State ended up less awe-inspiring than she imagined it would. (Sigh.) But I digress . . . back to our retro diner eats!

For another, it’s a diner.

Not in the open 24/7 New York-style diner kind of way; this is small-city Colorado, after all. (Closing time is as early as 7:30 pm most nights, 8 pm on the weekends.)

Still, I-70 Diner treats us to all the essential retro diner details.

The I-70 Diner's classic 50's retro diner interior.

The sight of this gleaming red, white, and black 50’s retro diner interior is a terrific pick-me-up after a long drive on the I-70.

And did I tell you about the food? The chef takes pride in what goes on the table. Really went the extra mile providing these chili samplers when I was deciding what to order.

Little pots of chili, I-70 Diner, a 50's retro diner in Flagler, Colorado.

Three sample size pots of chili, savory stew made with meat and chile peppers (or chile powder).

None of these little pots of chili pack more than medium heat, so no worries if you have a tender tongue. They taste good and spicy enough. 

Our first time there, though, I ordered a sandwich, even though I’ve never been a big fan of sandwiches.

A woman, her man, and good eats at the I-70 Diner, a classic retro diner in Flagler, CO.

French Dip (hers) and Hamburger (his).

Unless the sandwich is pastrami on rye or French Dip.

This French Dip had my name on it, it was that juicy-licious. That’s why it so rates a close-up:

French Dip at I-70 Diner, 50's retro diner in Flagler, CO.

French Dip with roast beef and Swiss cheese at I-70 Diner, 50’s retro diner in Flagler, CO.

The I-70 Diner serves more than 10 kinds of burgers, including sliders plus 10 other kinds of sandwiches, hot AND cold. With such a wide assortment of tasty choices, you’re sure to find a sandwich with your name on it, too.

That’s the I-70 Diner in a nutshell: the ultimate 50’s retro diner with easy access from the Interstate 70. A place where both the food and the decor shines. 

I-70 Diner, the ultimate 50's retro diner in Flagler, CO.

I-70 Diner, 17044 County Road 5, Flagler, CO ~ 719.765.4040 ~ Open Sun-Th 8a-7:30p, F-Sat 8a-8p

At what diner in what state did you have your ultimate retro diner experience?